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Time-Saving Trendy Videos

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Isn’t this just another list of trends I can get for free anywhere online?

No, and here’s why.

The Trend, Explained

We don’t assume you are chronically online like we are. We show examples of the trend, explain how you can use it, and film a version ourselves for your inspo. We even link to the trend on different social media platforms so you can see even more examples and grab the audio.

Add Fun, Delete Drudgery

You and your staff want to do the fun part of marketing: the creative filming part. This takes that and deletes the editing and posting (if you want to). If you are DIYing, check out our FAQ section with useful explanations and tutorials.

No Embarassing Dances

At any given moment, there are silly or complicated trends that you can’t use as a business owner. You’ll get NONE of those from us, promise. In addition to picking popular trends, we want to pick ones that are actually useable!

Trend To Send Levels

Whether you just need to know what to do, someone to do it all, or somewhere in between, there are options!

Trend To Send Texts

  • Two trends a week via text (eight trends per month)
  • A step-by-step guide on how to film the trend
  • Link to the trending audio on TikTok and/or Instagram for easy direct access



$49 / month

Trend To Send Plus

  • Everything in Trend To Send Texts plus…
  • Accountability to help you create content (deadline and reminders)
  • Editing services within 48 hours of submission (you send us the clips, we send you a final video ready to post)

$299 / month

Trend To Send Pro

  • Everything in Trend To Send Plus and…
  • Hashtag research and customization for your content
  • Copywriting for your video caption(s)
  • Posting your short video across your preferred social media channels for maximum visibility

$399 / month

What you’ll get

Example Videos


When are the text messages sent?

One trend is sent Monday morning and one Wednesday morning via text message. Message includes the link to a short how-to video, explaining both the trend and how to film it as well as links to the audio on Instagram and TikTok. (Note: some trends may only be on one platform but you’ll be able to grab the audio and post to other platforms – no copyrighted material here!) You’ll have enough to DIY but you can also upgrade if you want help with editing and posting too.

Will I need any special equipment?

The only thing we’ll assume you have is a tripod for your phone and a Bluetooth mic.

Otherwise, we may occasionally assume you have access to some basic office/business supplies, like a marker or a coffee mug. 

A run a from-home business, can I still do this?

We’ll always include modifications of the idea for people who work from home or others who don’t necessarily have a traditional brick and mortar business. We get not everyone has an office or a boutique! As this grows, we may subdivide the lists based on industry (which is why we collect your industry when you sign up) but for now, we promise pretty universally usable and fun trends.

I got the trend and I'm kind of stuck - what should I do?

We get that once in awhile, a trend might not ‘hit’ for you. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Just contact us and we’ll get right back with some ideas of execution to get your creativity flowing again.

What's my return on investment?

By posting videos (especially trending/fun ones), you’ll increase your engagement, followers, and level of online cool. Plus you should see an increase in website or business location visits. While we can’t say if it will or won’t work for you, we know from our two decades in this space that marketing drives awareness and sales – plus you can always try it and see if it’s right for you!

What if I don't like it?

This is a month-to-month service so try it for a month and if you don’t like it, simply cancel.

Before canceling, however, ask yourself if it’s the filming you don’t like or the actual editing/posting. We might be able to coach improved filming or otherwise get you over the hump of getting high-quality videos for your business. Simply contact us to talk about it – if we can make things better for you, we want that!

Wait, so you're saying I could have 8 videos a month posted for $399?!? That seems cheap.

You have to apply the idea, record the footage, and get it to us within 48 hours of getting the text… but yes, if you’re committed to that, we’re committed to delivering videos and posting them for you at the Trend To Send Pro level.

Make Social Media Fun Again

Stop hunting trends when you have SO many other things to do – our service keeps the fun and creative parts of marketing in your hands while we do the tech heavy lifting. Are you ready for Trend To Send?